Did I Inspire Myself?

I just re-read my “About” page.  I’m partaking in the Blogging 101 class through WordPress, and today’s assignment is to tell what inspired me from that page.  That seems ambiguous, almost. But here’s what I got out of it. It discusses the importance of recognizing that everyone has “moments” in their lives, and these moments are important in making us who we are, how we act, what we choose to be like. There’s also the part that we may not enjoy all of the moments, but those moments (parts) combine together to make us unique individuals. I guess that inspires me to appreciate my moments, good AND bad, while I try to be patient as I work through the bad ones. For years I’ve thought, as I’m going through something negative, what is it that I’m supposed to get from this. Reading the About page made me think that I also would be smart to think what I’m supposed to get out of GOOD moments.

Huh. Now that I think about it, there’s a bit of wisdom in that page–stuff that’s hard for me to remember. Like when I’m in the throes of something challenging, even stupidly challenging, that the situation is going to help me become more of me if I open my mind and heart to receive the knowledge. Sometimes I don’t want to do anything and this is probably when I need to open up more, to hear the universe’s message, to learn. Ha! I just gave myself some good advice!!