Twisted sweet grass basket

A photo challenge I’m participating in today is entitled “Twist.” This sweet grass basket, with a twisted rim, was purchased in Charleston, S. Carolina. It was woven by a woman who’d learned the skill of basket weaving from her mother, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers. They’ve passed it down from generation to generation. I watched women all over Charleston, on the streets, side streets and markets, selling their wares, all the while weaving more. I was steeped in the moment, and appreciated the glimpse into living history, family tradition, and local commerce, as well as learning about the craft and the women. MY beautifully twisted, memory filled basket was chosen from hundreds of beautiful baskets I saw over the course of a week. The bits of shells are ones I picked up on the beaches by Charleston. Most people just want the whole shells, but these shell pieces are all unique, beautiful, and underappreciated. Perfect for my unique and beautiful memory basket.


Twisted sweet grass basket

2 thoughts on “Twisted sweet grass basket

  1. I like the shell shards…probably because I think our lives are composed of lots of little pieces that have meaning only to us and, without which, we’d be incomplete.

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