Natural pedi

I saw this article a while back and just happened upon it today, thinking “my, how apropos!”

This TOTALLY goes with both of my life issues right now–my injured foot and the need to avoid chemicals due to hyper sensitivity.  Both of these health issues have altered my life greatly this year.  GREATLY altered.  I’m not the same person I was.  But, that’s supposed to be ok, as I’m “working on it.”  Back in May, I stumbled on some spiky seed pods from Sweet Gum trees, breaking a tiny spur off the side of my foot, and consequently disengaging the tendon that attaches there.  Dr. said the tendon has reattached (Ohmygoodness YAY!!) but the bone chips and end of bone haven’t healed properly, causing continuing pain and swelling.  oh crudbuckets.  So, we ordered a metal insert for my shoe, preventing it from flexing at all.  I’ve got an odd gait, and it throws off my hips a bit, (hello chiropractor,) but if this prevents me from having surgery that is more likely to not fix things, I can tolerate it.  After all, it’s been 18 1/2 weeks of a clunky boot, an awkward brace, a metal insert for my shoe, pain and discomfort.  That was May 9th, by the way.  Today is September 9th.  No wonder I feel like I lost my summer!!!  (And if you want to look back at the post where I shared the picture of the original boot and a seed pod example, it was on May 17th.)  (Mercy that was along time ago.)

I’m going to the podiatrist in a couple of hours to find out the status of my left foot.  So, in honor of and hoping for good news, I’m going to give myself a lovely pedi.  You know, pamper myself a bit.  You should too–having well-groomed feet is such a nice thing to happen upon when you take your socks off or look down at something on the floor next to your naked foot.  Even my dear hubby has recently discovered this truth, after 15+ years of watching me get and give myself pedi’s.

Remember, the moments matter!  All the little things that make life incredible, important, exciting, beautiful.  I’ve fallen off that way of thinking all summer.  Time to get back on that train and enjoy my journey through life.  With pretty feet.

And here are the pedi'd feet.

And here are the pedi’d feet.

Warm wishes on your journey,



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