The Moments Matter. They really do. When your life is altered in unexpected uncontrollable ways, you really begin to understand this statement. This blog is based on recognizing everyone has moments that matter. It’s important to acknowledge them, working them to the best outcome, embrace them, learn from them, teach from them. Sometimes, they’re fabulous moments, sometimes not. Sometimes, down the road a ways, we see they were more fabulous than we realized. Or worse. When these moments all get rolled together, they become the facets of the person who is experiencing them. The goal of this blog is to represent being enlightened and hopefully provide a better appreciation for all challenges, even those that hit us broad side. Let’s appreciate the moments together.


37 thoughts on “About

  1. Wonderful way to view the life. All moments matter, yes, and it is all about enjoying the really good ones and deal with the others. Great idea for a blog!

  2. Hi Nance — you have a beautiful blog here! And very good advice, to notice and appreciate the moments rather than letting them scurry away unexamined. I’ve been on a virtual journey this year, in which I’m discovering a new positive blog every day and keeping a list on my own blog as a reference. So far it has been very helpful in expanding my appreciation of the moment, as well as finding new friends all over the world. I’ve listed your site as today’s entry, and am glad I found it!

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