What’s the big thrill with this whole simplification thing? Why do people act as if it’s something new? Why simplify your life?

Simplification means less is more. If you have less, you have more. What, you say? If you actually own less stuff, you have less you have to worry about. Less to clean. Less to keep orderly. Or if it’s not orderly, less to dig through to find that something you know is there. When you have less, the “stuff” doesn’t control you. A family I know is moving in the near future, to a larger home, because they’ve “outgrown” their old home. No, actually the stuff has taken over. And they recently got a security system. And they’re consistently disappointed when the newer version comes out–newer is better? The stuff owns them. And they have money worries as well. It all ties together. They have less time for multiple reasons–they have to work more to make more money to buy new and improved stuff or to pay for what they already bought on credit. They have less family time, due to working more and taking care of the things they’ve got. They have less freedom, but, boy, do they have cool stuff. Everywhere.

Seems silly, but the more I simplify, the more I want to simplify. Psychologically, I’m in the stage of simplification. Being in your early 50’s does that to you. Downsizing your home, your belongings, your commitments to things that don’t really matter. Recognizing that you don’t want to spend your free time taking care of all of the things you’ve accumulated because there are better things to be doing. It’s glorious, as I slowly purge my belongings. I have space in closets! And in drawers! If someone needs something, I know right where it is. I’m becoming more creative with finding alternative uses for the things I’m keeping. I can get rid of more, that’s for sure, and sometimes I still think, “well, I might need this sometime soon.” This too shall pass, as I enjoy the finer things in life and hone my skill of simplification.

I hope you’ll join me in this part of my life-journey. Seems that there are quite a few of us on this road. I actually enjoy helping others with organizing their lives and homes, and hope to incorporate this into my moments matter ideal. Because, truly, the moments matter and we want to utilize our moments in the best way possible. Not cleaning or finding or… Simplification. It’s the “old” way. It’s a good way. I hope you’ll take the poll below to see where we stand.

With warm wishes on your journey,