Toxic “Beauty” Products

I received this incredible post from with a video from EWG, (Environmental Working Group,) that’s right up my alley concerning chemicals in products we use on our bodies.

I hope this helps improve the awareness of how insane the situation is that we’re in the middle of.  Watch, get informed and pass the word.

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Canary in the Coal Mine??

Do you smell good?  Stay away, please.  This is so hard. I can’t be around most people who smell nice, can’t be in places that smell lovely, can’t use many products that are fragrant. I’m hyper-sensitive to chemically induced fragrances. That’s most of our world, ya know? Essential oil fragrances don’t seem to bother me–guess it’s because they’re “natural” and not man-made?? Man-made chemicals in general don’t agree with me. Why do I have to be the overly sensitive one? I LOVE fragrance. But it has the potential to literally kill me. People really have a hard time wrapping their brains around this. Now if this was a peanut allergy, everybody understands that one! Or shellfish. Or bees. But fragrance?? It’s mind-blowingly hard. Even the place I’m receiving my Zolair shot isn’t a fragrance free zone. This is THE asthma and allergy center in my area. They don’t make the employees refrain from using scented products. !!! I’ve gone there three times, and had an allergic reaction the first time and the last time, three weeks ago. OHMYGOODNESS. You’d think of anyplace I might go, this would be a safe environment. No. Several staff have told me it “can’t be expected of us to have to be scent free.” Yes, it can be expected, considering where they work. And yes, I know how expensive fragrance free products can be. That’s another thing thrown in my face by the employees. Nurses, receptionists. “Professionals.” I’m feeling really bitter about this. I’ve gone to FIVE different doctors trying to find a solution to this condition that is unusual, at least to the severity that I have. I finally find Dr. Welch, who is sure she can find a way to help my body cope with this sensitivity. Yay! Then the staff and facility are not safe for me. I have relatives who are in the health care industry and many friends in the health care industry. None of them wear fragrance, are allowed to use it at their work place, and honestly cannot understand how an ALLERGY and ASTHMA center allows it. Three weeks ago was the last time I went for my shot. I had to wait in the main waiting area, surrounded by good smelling folks, waited on by the softly fragrant receptionist, given the shot by a nurse who smelled exceptionally lovely, and OH SURPRISE, started having an allergic reaction. When I said something to the receptionist, who is fully aware of my condition, she said that I looked ok. Oh. OK. Then it’s not really happening. YES, IT WAS. She didn’t know what to do with me. They don’t have a safe area. And the signs posted to “please refrain from wearing fragrance” are on regular copy paper, in inconspicuous places. Big building, and I saw the two “signs” that the director of the center said were posted. They need to be big. Conspicuous. Bold lettering. In your face. Plus, Hello! The staff should not wear fragrance. And patients should be informed to please refrain from wearing fragrance to the best of their ability. They’re not told this, but the director thought that was a great idea to add that little sentence when patients get their appointment reminder call. I’m not the only one with fragrance issues. I know I’m not. I taught high school for the past ten years. I had students have asthma attacks due to the scents peers were wearing. I had to change seating arrangements for them. But I’m treated like such an inconvenience. Yeah. It is a huge inconvenience. Trust me. The medicine in itself is scary as the most common side effect is ANAPHYLAXIS. Really? I’m getting a shot of mouse hormones to avoid going into anaphylaxis from my hyper sensitivity to multiple chemicals, but I might go there with the shot?? ohmygoodness. I have to have an Epi-Pen near me for the rest of my life. In part, due to the Xolair, but also in case my body revolts against some nice scent. I can never let my guard down. That’s so tiring. I do seem to be building up somewhat of a resistance to the unknown chemicals; unknown because there are 1000’s of them. But, I still get burning sensations on my face and in my eyes sometimes when I’m in public. And for a full day after the shot, I’m wiped out as if I took allergy or flu medicine that makes you sleepy. That’s not so fun. And guess what?? That symptom/side effect has not been on the books before ME. Yes, I’ve added that possible side effect information for future Xolair recipients. A friend told me I’m like the canary in the coal mine, as in the canary dies if there’s toxic gases in the air. Her thought is that my role is to warn humankind that we’re getting too artificial. My sister didn’t like that analogy AT ALL. Her point? The canary dies to save the humans. I hope that’s not where this goes.

Simple Pleasures + 100 Happy Days = Making lists

A recent blogging “assignment” I had was to write my blog as a list. That was something different; self brainstorming, no grammar worries, a different kind of writing. Not bloggish as we think of a blog, but a list. As I wrote on May 22nd, I also recently signed up to do the 100 Days of Happy, where I take a photo of something that made me happy during my day. Every day, for 100 days! That’s a lotta happy. A fellow blogger wrote a post about 50 simple pleasures in her life. All of a sudden, I’m seeing a theme going on in my world.

It seems like people are trying to find the good stuff, the stuff that makes us happy, the positive influences, figuring out what’s real and important to us individually as well as universally. This is really incredible! Those moments that matter so much, and help us be genuine and true to ourselves. Wow–it’s the reason why I’m focusing on this blog; it’s really a purpose for my life. I’ve been teased my entire life for being a Pollyanna, seeing through rose colored glasses, being too happy. That IS who I am, and I’ve tried to understand why people aren’t always comfortable with me being like that. Hope those folks get over it!!! And if they can’t, it’s a true shame.

So far in my 100 days of happy, I have seen the absolute joy and love in my dog’s eyes, Gracie Jane. Next, I was awed by a big urn of pansies with their petals turned towards the sun. It was followed by my other dog laying down on the other side of the urn. A moment later, my son came over to lay down next to Spencer and laid his head on him. My heart just about overflowed with the happiness I experienced in a matter of a moment.
The next day, my son took pictures of the young apples on the trees in our yard for me. This was so I could see the progression since I can’t get out there myself with my foot in the big old “non” walking boot and crutches. I got so excited to realize that I’d be getting to make apple pies, apple bread, apple sauce, apple crisp, apple butter… and more, come fall! We thought we might have to move for my hubby’s job, but he was offered a great position locally. We get to stay and enjoy the food our little 1/3 acre lot will produce. WOOHOO happy!!
Another food related moment of happy was when Hubby was making dinner last night of grilled Vidalia doused in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, perfectly grilled chicken and grilled sweet corn. Yep, my honey knows how to make some wonderfully tasty stuff.
And today had several moments of happy for me; my hubby installing a new bunny proof (HA!) fence around the garden today, as well as going to lunch and sitting in the sun with a dear friend, finally getting out of the house!

This activity of acknowledging things that make me happy has really opened my eyes to the frequency of my happy moments. Once again, I feel so lucky, even with the fragrance and chemical sensitivities, the broken foot, leaving my teaching career of 10 years, and not knowing what the future has planned for me. Last night I was seriously freaking out due to the unknown. Tonight, I’m happy with my simple pleasures, and recognizing that even though it’s not what I had planned, everything will be good as long as I treasure the moments I’m given. Same goes for you, you know!!

With warm wishes on your journey,

All Natural Air Fresheners

Love the Organic Gardening website. With my fragrance and chemical hyper-sensitivity, this was a great article. Toward the end, there are also some alternative home cleaning “recipes” that I plan to try. Anyone have a good window cleaning formula? Just click on the link below and you’ll be taken right to the site and article. Happy reading!!,0

With warm wishes for your journey,

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?



As I looked at this glorious full moon this morning that I renamed The Blossom Moon (true name is the Rose Moon for it’s coloring,) I felt insignificant, yet so very real and whole.  Almost giddy!!  I’m here for a purpose, and am in the process of trying to figure out what it is and where I’m headed.  I’m taking a blogging “class” to learn how to be a better blogger, one whose messages reach those who need them, a person providing comfort, information, some humor, a connection to the greater things…  My purpose for this blog is to provide these things as well as give myself an outlet for myself as I bumble my way through life’s journey. 

I have a unique health issue in that I am super hyper-sensitive to some ingredients in many fragrances.  Guess what–artificial fragrance is everywhere in our world.  Air fresheners, cologne and perfumes, clothes detergents and softeners, shampoo, conditioners, deodorants, lotions, hair styling products, cleaning supplies, …  It’s almost everywhere.  The problem is that the doctors can’t narrow down the culprits and treat me for those allergens because there’re too many of them. 

I know I’m not the only one with this problem–yet when this reaction really hit my fully, I felt like I was alone.  Five doctors later, multiple medicines tried, finding alternate ways of doing things, missing many, many gatherings and events, and still it continues.  Friends and family have encouraged me to provide a resource to others, be the someone experiencing this real life challenge to perhaps give moral support or help others feel less isolated. I hope I do that, plus find ways of bringing me/us back to what is real and important. 

I thought about Blossom Moon, how many times she’s risen over this planet, how many times she’s been photographed and gazed upon with awe and respect and almost disbelief in her beauty.  It’s the first time I’ve noticed our moon with a pinkish tint.  How many other things have I simply looked upon, utilized, ignoring beauty in a different format?  It’s rather exhilarating to be recognizing some of my potential.  My life is based upon the thought  that the journey is to provide the happiness, not the destination being the provider of that.  The further I travel on this journey, the more I recognize how important it is to keep my eyes, heart and soul open to the energies of the Universe, finding the simple happiness that helps make my heart sing.

With warm wishes,