The Very Inspiring Blogger Award for ME?


Wowza!!!  I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by an incredible blogger, Nicole Davis at  This honor and recognition means so much to me as I write from my heart, hoping to touch someone else’s heart, provide respite in a crazy day, or bring a laugh to my readers.  Nicole is going through rough times with her health too, so we’ve supported and learned about each other through the WordPress blogging classes.  This was followed by some of us starting a group blog called Covey View at with a fabulous variety of posts due to the variety of bloggers from all over the world.  I feel so fortunate for the friendship being forged through this part of our life adventures.  Thank you, Nicole! You’re so incredibly special, and had you not already been nominated, I would’ve nominated you!!!!!!  ❤

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you. (Yay Nicole!)
  2. List the rules and display the award. (here it is)
  3. Share seven facts about yourself. (below)
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated. 🙂
  5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you. (done and done)

Seven Facts:

1. I enjoy being by myself in public places, watching others in their own worlds.  Odd thing, (like Nicole,) I’m often approached by strangers, who will comfortably share their stories or run something past me.  It’s almost like they know I’m “safe.”  Used to kind of weird me out when I was younger, but I’ve recognized it’s a gift that was given to me, and now I enjoy and value it.

2. I talk to bees and they respond accordingly. Ex.:if I ask them to go away, they will, but if I’m talking about what they’re doing or how the weather/flower is, they’ll buzz back like we’re conversing.  If others hadn’t seen this occur and commented on it, I’d think I was a bit nuts and making this up.  But I have witnesses. 

3. I dream movies.  If I start telling my husband a dream upon waking, he tells me that it’s like I’ve been in a movie because it’s so vivid, with colors, conversations and activities that I describe so clearly.  hmmm–maybe this is my future!  Screenwriter, if I start recording my dreams with a handheld recorder!  lol

4. I was told I couldn’t have children without medical intervention. But that was with my first husband.  !!!  Four days before my first anniversary with my second husband, (six years after my divorce was final,) we found out we were with child!  I consider my son to be an actual, real live, gen-u-ine miracle. 

5. I’m not a morning person. Nor am I a night owl.  My son says I’m a daytime person.  Doesn’t leave a lot of time for extra, so that’s kind of a bummer. And don’t MESS with my sleep. 

6. I love to travel, unless I’m about to leave for a trip.  Then I just want to stay home.  I actually get anxious as I leave, but once I’ve headed out, all is well.  So silly.  I ALWAYS have good adventures!   

7. I have too many interests.  So many things I want to do, someday.  I can’t understand people who think life is boring!

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Simple Pleasures + 100 Happy Days = Making lists

A recent blogging “assignment” I had was to write my blog as a list. That was something different; self brainstorming, no grammar worries, a different kind of writing. Not bloggish as we think of a blog, but a list. As I wrote on May 22nd, I also recently signed up to do the 100 Days of Happy, where I take a photo of something that made me happy during my day. Every day, for 100 days! That’s a lotta happy. A fellow blogger wrote a post about 50 simple pleasures in her life. All of a sudden, I’m seeing a theme going on in my world.

It seems like people are trying to find the good stuff, the stuff that makes us happy, the positive influences, figuring out what’s real and important to us individually as well as universally. This is really incredible! Those moments that matter so much, and help us be genuine and true to ourselves. Wow–it’s the reason why I’m focusing on this blog; it’s really a purpose for my life. I’ve been teased my entire life for being a Pollyanna, seeing through rose colored glasses, being too happy. That IS who I am, and I’ve tried to understand why people aren’t always comfortable with me being like that. Hope those folks get over it!!! And if they can’t, it’s a true shame.

So far in my 100 days of happy, I have seen the absolute joy and love in my dog’s eyes, Gracie Jane. Next, I was awed by a big urn of pansies with their petals turned towards the sun. It was followed by my other dog laying down on the other side of the urn. A moment later, my son came over to lay down next to Spencer and laid his head on him. My heart just about overflowed with the happiness I experienced in a matter of a moment.
The next day, my son took pictures of the young apples on the trees in our yard for me. This was so I could see the progression since I can’t get out there myself with my foot in the big old “non” walking boot and crutches. I got so excited to realize that I’d be getting to make apple pies, apple bread, apple sauce, apple crisp, apple butter… and more, come fall! We thought we might have to move for my hubby’s job, but he was offered a great position locally. We get to stay and enjoy the food our little 1/3 acre lot will produce. WOOHOO happy!!
Another food related moment of happy was when Hubby was making dinner last night of grilled Vidalia doused in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, perfectly grilled chicken and grilled sweet corn. Yep, my honey knows how to make some wonderfully tasty stuff.
And today had several moments of happy for me; my hubby installing a new bunny proof (HA!) fence around the garden today, as well as going to lunch and sitting in the sun with a dear friend, finally getting out of the house!

This activity of acknowledging things that make me happy has really opened my eyes to the frequency of my happy moments. Once again, I feel so lucky, even with the fragrance and chemical sensitivities, the broken foot, leaving my teaching career of 10 years, and not knowing what the future has planned for me. Last night I was seriously freaking out due to the unknown. Tonight, I’m happy with my simple pleasures, and recognizing that even though it’s not what I had planned, everything will be good as long as I treasure the moments I’m given. Same goes for you, you know!!

With warm wishes on your journey,

A prayer/poem

This beautiful prayer/poem touched me deeply in my soul and I wanted to share it on my blog. Thank you for putting it on your blog, Pavanneh.

Because I can...


These flowers had the most wonderful scent.

I saw this on a friends post in one of my email groups and I really liked it. It spoke to me of what I would like to do and to be.

Forever Oneness,
who sings to us in silence,
who teaches us through each other.
Guide my steps with strength and wisdom.
May I see the lessons as I walk,
honor the Purpose of all things.
Help me touch with respect,
always speak from behind my eyes.
Let me observe, not judge.
May I cause no harm,
and leave music and beauty after my visit.
When I return to forever
may the circle be closed
and the spiral be broader.
 ~ Bee Lake ~


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Responsible is the New Sexy

Reading through facebook this morning and discovered this statement from The Art of Simple:
“I think I have now created a system that will work for me as I strive to create a life of intention that is rooted in my values, not just compulsions. I’m calling this personal project, “Responsible is the New Sexy.” Why I chose that name is a long story. Part quirky, part serious. The idea is to focus on one area of my life each month and make specific, but realistic progress in that area.”

ohmygoodness I love this! Responsible is the new sexy!!! LOVE IT! It’s what I’ve been thinking, but didn’t realize it–I’m trying to live a life of intention based on my values, being present in the moment, and here’s my new slogan!!! Thanks, The Art of Simple!!!

With warm wishes for your journey,

Did I Inspire Myself?

I just re-read my “About” page.  I’m partaking in the Blogging 101 class through WordPress, and today’s assignment is to tell what inspired me from that page.  That seems ambiguous, almost. But here’s what I got out of it. It discusses the importance of recognizing that everyone has “moments” in their lives, and these moments are important in making us who we are, how we act, what we choose to be like. There’s also the part that we may not enjoy all of the moments, but those moments (parts) combine together to make us unique individuals. I guess that inspires me to appreciate my moments, good AND bad, while I try to be patient as I work through the bad ones. For years I’ve thought, as I’m going through something negative, what is it that I’m supposed to get from this. Reading the About page made me think that I also would be smart to think what I’m supposed to get out of GOOD moments.

Huh. Now that I think about it, there’s a bit of wisdom in that page–stuff that’s hard for me to remember. Like when I’m in the throes of something challenging, even stupidly challenging, that the situation is going to help me become more of me if I open my mind and heart to receive the knowledge. Sometimes I don’t want to do anything and this is probably when I need to open up more, to hear the universe’s message, to learn. Ha! I just gave myself some good advice!!

Recognizing That Your Moments Matter…

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How do YOU make your moments matter?  I’ve been reading articles and self-help guides that say that you need to be aware of your world, your goals, your dreams all the time in order to become successful with your gifts.  I just recently recognized that I can’t MAKE my moments matter, but they end up mattering because they were a moment in my life.  Overdoing, over-planning, almost obsessing on everything being important and useful.  I found it becomes overwhelming, a waste of energy and, ha!, a waste of moments.  They happen and do matter, with or without my assistance.  When I realized this, I became incredibly appreciative and grateful for the comprehension.  I’m still wondering where all of these moments are leading to, but I’m so very glad for the realization that I had.

This ah-ha moment arrived for me yesterday, as I was taking pictures in my yard.  The flowers and the leaves are coming out like I’ve never seen before.  We’ve had an unusually long, harsh winter for central Missouri, and the plants seem as though they’re also ecstatic that warmer weather is finally here.  I was shooting pictures from different angles, close-ups, and even got some wonderful semi-posed shots of my son.  This was amazing to me, as he’s been camera phobic for a few years.  He was such a ham when he was a wee guy–even telling me to take his picture when he finally had the words to use!  When he started school, he became camera shy.  As in wouldn’t ALLOW his picture to be taken easily.  When he was little, I made sure I did not have a camera in his face constantly, as I knew that was too intrusive for all of us.  Has this happened to you, where your child made an actual choice to not be photographic?  I’m not sure what transpired in his brain, but it sucked!  I’d been taking great pictures of him for years, providing a growth and adventure history for us to look at and enjoy. Then, NADA.  It was so challenging for me since I loved catching special moments in parenthood, childhood, life adventures… I started focusing on scenery and nature shots, but missed taking pictures of my “bouy” and my hubby.  Hubby had never really liked having his picture taken, but having a son helped him relax from that aversion since we loved looking at the results so much.  Once my son didn’t want his picture taken, neither did my husband!  It was such an odd lag in my photographs, and one that actually saddened me deeply. Now, my photography bug seems to be back in full force; maybe that’s what has made it ok for my guys to have their pictures taken again.

While I’ve been off work with my fragrance sensitivity, I’ve turned my energy back toward photography.  I recognized how alive I felt yesterday, for the first time in forever!  My yard became my inspiration.  My son is my inspiration.  The results of my photography are my inspiration.  Knowing that my moments happen with or without my assistance and realizing that my true job is to simply acknowledge them not only inspires me, but also removed a large burden of finding my life success.  What’s your inspiration for your creativity, your life-energy, your moments?  I’m so excited to feel this and truly hope you can/do too!

With warm wishes for your journey,