A Full Honey Moon on Friday the 13th

Yesterday, our world experienced the June full moon, known as the Honey Moon!  Her name is due to the color as she rises, but by the time I saw her, she wasn’t so honey colored.  Still gorgeous though.  And I love the name (Ha–honey moon, honeymoon.)  AND it was also Friday the 13th.  The only one of 2014!  I didn’t know that fun fact until I started researching information for this post.  Anyway, this date scares a great number of people. As in people won’t fly on this date, buy a house or do other major business. There’s an actual phobia called Triskaidekaphobia!  Apparently there have been many bad things that happen on Fridays, and even more bad stuff is connected to the number 13.  And then there are the horror movies with this as the title, which I refuse to watch as it’s denigrates a really cool date on the calendar.  This day is supposed to represent bad, evil, scary stuff for everyone alive.  NAH!

2014-06-13 002

Not sure why, but I’ve always liked Friday the 13th.  Always.  AND full moons!  We were lucky to experience something yesterday that hasn’t happened since the year 1919, (which was the year my dad was born, btw.)  WOWZA.  That’s a whole lot of universe energy happening all at once!  Bonus, I started working with a new client to simplify and organize her home, a task which I enjoy immensely.  The super bonus part — she’s got a black cat who adopted me as her own petting slave!  I’ve seriously never had so much cosmic energy happening in one day–truly energizing and phenomenal.

This all seems like such a huge contrast.  A scary date with a full moon and black cats, and I feel peaceful and complete.  I have several friends whose children have almost frenetic energy when there’s a full moon.  But I feel calm.  My soul is happy, at least for now.  Thanks, Honey Moon.

With warm wishes on your journey,