Three important songs? hmmmm

Ok–15 minutes on the stopwatch and I have to write about my 3 top songs and what makes them important for me.  No editing–aaaaaah!  My first song is James Taylor singing “whenever I see your smiling face” because that was the song my hubby chose for us when we were dating.  He said that was our song.  Really???  Then I listened, for the first time, to the emotion behind the words.  Hearing it on the stereo or if he plays the CD totally makes me teary because he knew.  He knew before I did.  He was happy with another person, and this song represented the joy in his heart.  ohmygoodness.  Top it all off, when we invited his parents over for dinner to tell them the “news,” that song came on the radio.  For real?  Yes, for real.  He just about exploded with happiness.  Aren’t I lucky?  ❤

Next song:  Macklemore–THRIFT SHOP!  ohmygawd–LOVE this song.  (Censored, please.)  LOVE IT>  sonny buoy and I were at a teen resale shop and this came on.  OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!  We were dancing like we always do and singing along, and making the gestures that we felt were appropriate for certain words and it was one of the best times ever.  This was last year, so he was 12.  There was a young man looking in the aisle where we were, who couldn’t help but smile as he pretended he wasn’t watching us.  He didn’t dance, but ya know, he wasn’t that comfortable with an “old Lady” and her son dancing and singing and being totally happy.  hehehe  I bet we made an awesome impressions on him though!!!  🙂   

Third song of my eclectic collection is Bach-Canon in D.  My wedding song.  Second marriage, so I sure wasn’t gonna go with “here comes the bride”!!!!!!!!!!!  Every time I hear this, I stop what I’m doing, relive that beautiful moment, remembering the perfect dress that was on the clearance rack and NEEDED NO ALTERATIONS, the small gathering that we had in the wonderful stained glass foyer of a non-denominational church, and all of the love that was present in that small area.  Follow that with a reception that was so us–Hubby, being a chef, made all the incredible food at the super fantastic microbrewery where he was the exec. chef.  Our gift from them was their awesome bar for the evening AND all beverages, plus letting us get food for cost.  The owner told me at the end of the night that our wedding and reception was filled with the most love he’d ever experienced, even his wedding! I made the table decorations, floral arrangements with flowers from the floral market, and split my bouquet of white tulips (that I had wired the night before,) into two vases on the main table.  One went with my matron of honor and one went with me.  And the dynamite guitarist strumming in the back ground as we mingled and laughed and started our married life together. 

These  are my three songs.  Funny how I didn’t realize until just now that they’re all related to my family.  🙂   Annnnd the timer went off.  Perfect!!!  🙂


With warm regards on your life journey,